How To Vote

All A2IM member companies in good standing are eligible to vote in this round and highly encouraged to do so. Please see below for important information regarding rules and voter registration:
  • All parent companies may appoint up to 5 voters to participate (unless the company has less than 5 full-time employees).
  • Each voter representative is eligible to vote in all categories.
  • To register to vote, please access the link within Resources on the A2IM InfoHub.

If in the case we find that a Member company has registered more than 5 Final Round voters, we will notify them and remove the most recent registered users unless otherwise communicated.


The Final Round of Voting opens today, March 23rd and runs through Wednesday, April 6th EOD (11:59pm ET). Late participation absolutely cannot be accommodated – please make sure to complete your votes before the deadline

Step 1:

If you have yet to register for the Final Round this year, please follow the above instructions.  If you previously voted in the Panel of Experts round, you still need to follow above directions for registering in the Final Round.

Step 2:

Navigate to Final Round Voting tab on the left

Step 3:

Sort Categories

Step 4:

Click on a Submission

You can listen to audio, watch video, and view links for each entry by clicking on the Entry Name.

Step 5:

Cast Your Votes​

To cast a vote for a submission, simply click the heart button for that entry.  When you click vote, you should see a “+1” pop up next to the heart. If you made a mistake, you can revoke your vote by clicking the heart again to remove the “+1”.

That's it!

Once you have cast your votes for each category that you feel comfortable voting in, you’re all set!  There is no “submission” button.  Your votes are automatically tallied when you click the heart.  Thank you for your participation this year!